Top Elopement Locations in Wisconsin

Choosing where to elope in Wisconsin can be slightly overwhelming. From the calming water of the Great Lakes to luscious forests, explore this list of top elopement locations in Wisconsin to get started planning your best day ever!

Couple kisses as sun sets behind hills at Devil's Lake in Wisconsin

Devil’s Lake State Park in Baraboo, Wisconsin

As you drive the winding road to Devil’s Lake State Park, your breath will catch the minute you see the clear blue water below the bluffs. A top location for eloping and engaged couples, the lake is perfect for you to say your vows as the sun sets over the driftless hills.

Please note a permit is required for any photography at Devil’s Lake State Park.

State Capitol Building in Madison, Wisconsin

One of the most beautiful places in Wisconsin is the State Capitol Building in Madison. Featuring historic beauty and grand photo opportunities, there are many places inside the Capitol Building to have your elopement and I’m an expert at helping clients capture their State Capitol Elopement in Madison.

Learn how to elope at the Capitol Building on my blog here.

Learn more about Capitol Elopements and my package offerings here.

Please note there are no permits required, however one is recommended for ease of access and to provide the perfect atmosphere for your elopement.

Blue Mound State Park

Just 25 minutes west of Madison is picturesque Blue Mound State Park. Featuring a scenic overlook tower and dozens of trails to get lost in, this is the perfect place to elope with your partner.

Pro tip: Reserve the Blue Mound State Park Amphitheater for your elopement!

Mirror Lake State Park

Picture this: orange, yellow and red leaves surround the calmest lake you’ve ever seen as you say your vows to your partner. Mirror Lake State Park is the perfect place for your elopement, no matter the season!

Pro Tip: You can reserve the Mirror Lake Amphitheater for your day!

Photograph by Bob Hundt Photography

Natural Bridge State Park

There’s no need to leave the state to find unique rock formations in Southern Wisconsin. Natural Bridge State Park features a natural sandstone bridge along with a thick surrounding forest of trees. If you’re hoping to bring a bit of the southwest to your Wisconsin elopement, consider Natural Bridge State Park with the setting sun behind you.

Madeline Island

The largest of the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior, Madeline Island is a short 3-mile ferry ride from Bayfield, WI. Explore the only town on the island, La Pointe, and walk along the picturesque sandy beaches. There are many opportunities to elope on Madeline Island including Big Bay State Park, County Park, pristine beaches and rocky shorelines. There’s bound to be the perfect place for your elopement on Madeline Island

Pro tip: Madeline Island requires a commercial use photography permit to get married and enforces Leave No Trace principles. Lucky for you, I’m LNT certified!

Flambeau River State Forest

Another top elopement location in Wisconsin is Flambeau River State Forest. Get lost in the backcountry trails, kayak down the Flambeau River, maybr take a break and pass the time with some fishing. If you love to camp, consider having a weekend getaway with your guests and embrace everything this state forest has to offer. For outdoor lovers, Flambeau River State Forest is the perfect elopement location in Wisconsin.

Apostle Islands National Seashore

The only National Lakeshore in Wisconsin, the Apostle Islands are some of the most beautiful natural wonders of our nation and the perfect location for your elopement in Wisconsin. You can access the islands via private boat, water taxi, shuttle, or kayaking, which creates even more adventure for your elopement day. I recommend August for your Apostle Islands Elopement as the most predictable month with the best weather and lush scenery.

Please keep in mind that a permit is required and Leave No Trace principles are strictly enforced.

Photograph by Tim Schaab

Kohler Andre State Park

Picture this: majestic sand dunes, shimmering gold beaches, the clear blue water of Lake Michigan, you and your partner saying yes to forever… All of this is possible at Kohler Andre State Park. As one of the last nature preserves along the Lake Michigan shoreline, it’s the perfect place for you to elope with your close family and friends.

Please note there is a permit required to photograph at the state park, as well as following Leave No Trace principles.

Door County

Door County is more than a Wisconsin vacation hot spot. Imagine watching the sun rise and set over the same lake on your elopement day while you celebrate with your pup and camp by a warm fire. Door County can offer everything from hiking to camping to beautiful AirBNB’s and wineries. There’s something for everyone in Door County and it’s the perfect place for your Wisconsin Elopement.

Washington Island

Just a quick ferry ride away from the beautiful Door County Peninsula is Washington Island. Remote parks, picturesque sandy beaches, and golden summer sunsets are just a few things you’ll find on Washington Island. There’s a reason it’s made the top elopement locations in Wisconsin. It’s hard to beat an elopement on a warm summer day with the beautiful Lake Michigan as your witness.

Photograph by Dan Eggert

Peninsula State Park

Have you ever dreamed of saying your vows on the edge of a 150′ bluff? You can make it a reality at Peninsula State Park on the western coast of Door County. Beautiful beaches and tons of hiking are what make this state park so special.

Be sure to secure a permit and abide by Leave No Trace principles if you elope here!

Driftless Area Region

The Driftless Area region of Wisconsin runs through 19 counties and has enough rolling hills to make you think you’re in a completely different country. There’s something so magical about the Wisconsin river sandbars as the leaves change in October. Saying your vows in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin would be a magical way to elope with your partner.

Settler’s Trail at Wildcat Mountain State Park

Wildcat Mountain State Park

Above the Kikapoo River there’s a bluff with an overlook that spans miles. You can say your vows anywhere on earth, so why not make it here? Featuring tons of hiking trails and some fun rock formations, there’s so many hidden gems at Wildcat Mountain State Park it’s sure to make your elopement day in Wisconsin the most special.

Lower Wisconsin State Riverway

There’s so many beautiful places in the Driftless Area region of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Riverway is one of the best! Have you ever wished to say your vows as the sun sets along the Wisconsin River on a private sandbar as your guests cheer you on? We can make that happen and celebrate in a way that’s authentic to you and your partner! If you can dream it, we can do it.

Wyalusing State Park

It’s summer and there’s a soft breeze in the air. You look up and see only the sun shining through the trees and your partner’s hands are warm in yours. This could be your elopement day at Wyalusing State Park. With hiking and canoe trails and views that can’t be beat, eloping at Wyalusing State Park could be the best decision you’ve ever made!

Please remember to abide by Leave No Trace Principles and contact the park department to acquire any necessary permits.

Nelson Dewey State Park

Five hundred feet above the Mississippi is the overlook at Nelson Dewey State Park. You can watch the sun set as you start a fire from Campsite D (trust me, the view can’t be beat). Say your vows as the sun dips below the rolling hills and start your next adventure as the stars light up the night sky.

Pro Tip: Book Campsite C or D early for an amazing view that’ll make your elopement even more special.


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