couple stands on frozen lake in madison wisconsin and laughs as they hold each other

Madison Winter Engagement in an Arcade Bar | Kim & James

When I first talked with these two, I learned two things about them: that they were in love with their dog, and that Kim loved Taylor Swift. Oh, and they wanted to have their engagement session at an arcade bar in the winter in Madison.

Lucky for them, I knew that we could incorporate all of those things and more into their session on a beautifully chilly January day.

We started out their session at their home, which was filled with trinkets, plants and records. I had them start out by playing with their adorable pup and watched as she showed off her acrobat skills. They then sorted through some records and showed me their favorites.

Kim and James then lead me to their kitchen, where they made old fashioned’s and walked me through the hilarious process.

We then made our way to Wyldhaven Park, a picturesque small green space with views of the capitol and, you guessed it, frozen lake access! I’ve only had a couple of people who want to take photos on one of madison’s many frozen lakes. That’s mainly because it’s gotta be COLD when we take these photos.

It didn’t matter to these two! They were up for the challenge and temps so we had a blast sliding along the ice and taking photos while the sky showed off an amazing sunset and created stunning silhouettes.

Once we exhausted the light, we went to I/O Arcade Bar on Willy Street and took some pics in the neon lights. When I tell you this was one of my favorite sessions, this is why. These two knew that they wanted something unique for their engagement photos and we made it happen!

This Madison winter engagement session in an arcade bar truly set the bar for 2022!

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