couple getting engaged in glacier national park at hidden lake

Proposal in Glacier National Park | Alex & Sara

We knew that this trip was going to be amazing, but little did we know that Alex was planning to make this trip one to remember for the rest of our lives! Including a proposal to the love of his life in Glacier National Park!

Lots of planning went into this one and I’m so excited for these two! Legit could not think of a person more perfect for Sara than Alex. They are the yings to each other’s yangs. Spend 15 minutes with these two and you’ll see.

The pandemic has been rough for us four! Sara, Alex, Diego (my man) and I usually spend a week together at some point in the summer, either in Albuquerque, NM, or in Madison, WI, enjoying our very brief summer season. The pandemic threw a wrench in our plans and we hadn’t had a chance to see each other since November 2019. We made it a priority in 2021 to meet somewhere epic for an amazing camping trip for the ages!

Thus, our trip to Glacier National Park and the Tetons was born! A week before our trip, Diego told me that Alex was planning on proposing to Sara and I couldn’t have been more excited. Sara and I have been friends for over ten years and I have never seen her happier than when she’s with Alex. We immediately got to planning the perfect scene and hike to set the proposal to. Alex ended up getting down on one knee at the Hidden Lake Overlook Hike right near Logan’s Pass in Glacier National Park.

Once they were engaged, we popped some tiny bottles of champagne and celebrated before heading back to our camp! Two days later, we went to Grand Teton National Park and took a few engagement photos on Jackson Lake!

I’m so happy for these two and even more happy their proposal at Glacier National Park was such a success! I can’t wait for all that’s to come!

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